Roof heat proofing roof waterproofing services karachi pakistan

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Fine Chemical Company is providing their services for more than 10 years. Our experts with use of modern chemicals and complete inspection perform their services. Which makes our customers happy, after getting wonderful results.
We provide 5 years of warranty to our customers with each service and during that time. If any problem occurs by our service, then our experts will fix your complains by re-performing their task without any charges. If during that time when the warranty is expired and then problem occurs. Then our company will provide their complete services to you by charging half amount of payment. However, our professional are making good progress, and we hope that in future they will do more that good. Roof waterproofing is vastly used for concrete roofs, foundation, para pit walls, retaining walls, basements, sewerage tank lining and roof. Furthermore we provide a high degree of quality and reliability for its long performance.